What’s Your Calling? explores notions of “calling” 

from both religious and secular perspectives.

Through a growing series of interviews, videos and articles, What's Your Calling? pushes the notion of "calling" to explore  all of the stuff that makes us human: our values, our passions, our doubts and hopes. Profiling individuals from diverse backgrounds – professional snowboarders, jazz musicians, tug boat captains, academics, improvisers, Muay Thai fighters, religious leaders, social workers, environmental activists, toy inventors – What's Your Calling? shares what people have been called to do with their lives and how they hope to change the world.

The Inspiration

What's Your Calling? is inspired by the PBS miniseries, The Calling . Produced by Kindling Group, The Calling is a four-hour documentary series that follows seven young Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim Americans as they prepare for religious leadership. Taking a leap of faith to pursue their vocations, these young people struggle with life’s myriad challenges – relationships, family responsibilities, uncertainty, and fear – as they become leaders who serve their communities. The film aired nationally on PBS's Independent Lens on Dec 20 & 21, 2010. If you missed the broadcast, you can still find The Calling on iTunes, and in the PBS store at shopPBS.org.

The Questions

We're asking questions because we want you to join the conversation -- and we want to hear what's on your mind. Tell us your thoughts about calling, service, happiness, loss, passion, sacrifice, and all of the other things that make life meaningful.  But don't feel limited to the questions we ask; feel free to ask your own questions and start your own conversations. 

Taking Action

We also want to help you take the ideas raised on the site from conversation into action. That's why we've partnered with organizations and service groups that provide the opportunity for people to explore their own callings, and to lead people to action both offline and online. We've also created a shorter engagement version of The Calling that you can screen in your own community.  To find out about screenings in your area go to our screenings page, or you can contact us about hosting your own screening

Note: Please keep in mind that on this site we want to have thoughtful conversations that encourage people to think deeply about the notion of calling. To that end, we have made What's Your Calling? a community moderated site, and we reserve the right to remove content that the community deems offensive, harmful, or dangerous; this includes hateful language or the promotion of dangerous and illegal activity.

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